Modeling Group’s sixth annual fashion show took the HUB Ohio Room stage Saturday with an army-fierce theme

P.O.I.Z Modeling Group held their sixth annual fashion Saturday. (Nick Dampman/ The Penn)


Passionate Outgoing Individuals with Zeal Modeling Group hosted a fashion showcase in the Hadley Union Building Ohio Room Saturday.

The fashion show was the final event of the first POIZ week in which the group hosted events Monday through Friday, promoting themselves to the Indiana University of Pennsylvania community through donations and different workshops.

The show combined runway with choreographed dance performances to keep the crowd entertained.

Jair “Jay” Nixon (senior, psychology) hosted the event and encouraged the audience to hashtag #POIZOscars to give shout-outs to their favorite models and performances.

The hashtag reached the second trending topic in the Pittsburgh area.

Nixon also changed his outfits multiple times, almost as much as the models did, as he read live tweets from the audience commenting on the show.

He was also responsible for explaining to the audience exactly what the models were portraying in correspondence with the various themes.

The Oscar-themed fashion show was “out of the box and something unusual for POIZ to do,” said Briana Richardson-Jones (junior, English/pre-law), vice president of POIZ.

The executive board of POIZ came up with the unique theme. Various designers of the IUP community designed the clothes the models wore throughout the show.

It was the sixth annual show and the fifth annual on IUP’s main campus, as it started first on Punxsutawney’s campus in 2009.

It was also the fifth year POIZ has been officially recognized on campus.

The original founders of the group were also in attendance at the event.

The goal of the fashion show was to “raise money to help keep POIZ alive so we can continue to put on shows on campus and do some community service around campus,” SharayLynn Price (junior, pre-dentistry), secretary and public relations officer for POIZ, said.

The fashion categories included Best Visual Effects: Horror, Best Picture: Action, Best Screenplay: Romance, Best Original Cinematography: Sci-Fi and Best Dramatic feature.

Each category was introduced with a creative video montage that the models created.

POIZ was able to take the theme of horror and make it relevant outside of October in an interesting way.

The show began with creepy, ominous theatrics and acting.

The horror scene depicted the models as bloodstained zombies walking around tombstones placed up and down the runway.

Black and lace were seen throughout the scene, and models all wore black and glass heels, which unified them.

The scenes were designed and collaborated by various models from POIZ.

The action scene featured models with a sexy spin on military attire and guns. The video introducing this category said, “When POIZ gets the mission, it’s possible.”

Special guest performances included IUP’s Militia Dance Team with a highly energized, precise, tight and choreographed dance performance combined with POIZ.

The girls all danced in alternating groups on stage.

“POIZ wanted to do a collaboration, so we practiced for two months,” Constance Brown
(sophomore, journalism and communications media), one of the lead dancers in the performance, said.

Others who graced the stage included IUP’s own rapper $wipe, who performed two songs off his new mixtape, and Cheyney University’s M.O.D.E.R.N. Men, who modeled and danced shirtless for the crowd.

College Life was also in attendance, promoting their clothing line to the audience.

The Sci-Fi scene titled “Strut For the Future” took a creative take on what fashions may look like in the future: a sexy spin on space suits.

The wardrobe consisted of glasses with tassels, large necklaces, lighted dresses, long pointed capes and mouth coverings.

Though the wardrobe had potential to be distracting or tricky for the models, they walked as they usually do, with a perfect routine.

Graduating members of POIZ were also honored on stage with roses, as they were remembered for
their time of modeling and performing with the group.

The models wrapped up the show by walking across the stage for a final time, thanking everyone who participated in the event, including the host, special performers, designers and hair and makeup artists.

POIZ also had a mini photo shoot for founding members, old members and new members alike after the show, depicting the tight-family feel of the group.

Militia is set to hold their own dance showcase April 16.