We gather here today to say goodbye


A tragic day for hungry and under-caffeinated Indiana University of Pennsylvania Students, a company officials confirmed Thursday that Giant Eagle Express will close its doors at the end of March, just two months shy of its third year in operation.

Giant Eagle spokesman Dan Donovan said “numerous business and economic factors” contributed to the closure and have made it hard to continue a successful business, according to an article in The Indiana Gazette Thursday.

It is hard to believe a business that sells food, coffee and beer would not succeed in a college town, especially based on the amount of customers who can be found frequenting the convenience store at any given time.

But aside from the grocery needs of IUP students and countless community members, the most upsetting reality is the workers who will be out of jobs.

According to that same article, 71 employees will be out of work at Giant Eagle Express, but may be offered jobs at other company locations.

This is a disgruntling statement, being that there is no employment guarantee for those dozens of workers, many of whom are probably college students needing to pay bills.

On top of that, many of the student employees may not have the transportation to get to another company location.

On the other end of the spectrum, the older, full-time employees who have given years of service to the company are now being uprooted, if they are even lucky enough to be relocated to another store.

Many dedicated souls have taken to Twitter and Facebook to save their beloved convenience store, suggesting Giant Eagle Express cuts back its hours before completely closing the store.

But, regardless of the persistent efforts of faithful patrons, Giant Eagle Express will close its doors March 27, leaving its customers exactly one month to fill up on coffee, sushi and subs.