The Center for Student Life gears up for this semester’s Six O’Clock Series


The Six O’Clock Series is returning for another semester at Indiana University of Pennsylvania with an all-new set of programs for students to attend.

The program has been a constant at IUP for more than 10 years. It is arranged by the Center for Student Life on campus. However, many of the ideas for programs come from other people or organizations.

Various departments or oThe Center for Student Life gears up for this
semester’s Six O’Clock Series
rganizations will often suggest event ideas with the Center for Student Life, which will then organize it and make it possible. Ideas could come from anyone, such as the Interfaith Council. The other topics come from the staff at the Center for Student Life.

The assistant director for the Center for Student Life, Brianna Drylie, explained some of the benefits students get out of attending.

“We have a great variety of programs,” Drylie said.

“There is a little bit of something for everybody.  They have an educational value and an entertainment value. Also, a lot of professors offer extra credit or require attendance.”

Not all of thethis semester’s programs will be held in the Hadley Union Buiding Ohio Room.  Last year, the Center for Student Life had a program that was so popular they had to turn people away because the Ohio Room filled to capacity.

In anticipation of large attendance for certain events, the location has been changed for a few topics. These include “Shakespeare, Pimps, Hollywood, and Reality TV: An Evening with Robert Townsend  and  Blessing  Offor”  and “Holocaust  Survivor  and  Researcher Discuss  Implications,”  which  will  be held in Toretti Auditorium in the Kovalchick Convention and Athletic Complex. Also, “Until Tuesday” will be held in Fisher Auditorium.

Programs co-sponsored by the African American Cultural Center, such as the Shakespeare event, are always popular.

Students might recognize the Holocaust Survivor program from last year, which is being brought back due to high demand.

“Until Tuesday” might also sound familiar. It was supposed to be the final event for the Six O’Clock Series in the fall semester, but got cancelled due to inclement weather.

Drylie had some advice for any students who are thinking of attending but might be a little unsure if they should come.

“There really is something for everyone,” Drylie said.

“They are all interesting, and they are free. So if you are interested in coming, you should definitely come and check it out. We have more than enough room to accommodate everyone. We always have great reviews. Come check it out for sure,  and  we  love  having  people there.”