New year, definitely new us


According to a 2013 Forbes survey, only 8 percent of New Year’s resolutions
succeed. It is the hope of The Penn staff that putting our resolutions in black and white will motivate us to follow through in keeping them. We would like to wish the IUP student body the best of luck in keeping their resolutions and hope you all have a safe and happy spring semester.

Molly VanWoert, Editor-in-chief: “My New Year’s resolution is to have a job in my field lined up by the time I graduate in May. If that doesn’t work, my backup resolution is to eat copious amounts of Kristin’s homemade cheesecake.”

Pete Sirianni, managing editor: “My New Year’s resolution is to have a strong
spring semester and to become fashionable like Joseph Gordon-Levitt.”

Samantha Barnhart, copy editor: “I don’t know if any of my main life goals will come to fruition this year, but I would like to eventually own a Dyson vacuum cleaner. Then I’ll know that I’ve made it.”

Kayla Cioffo, news editor: “I definitely want to figure out what I’m doing with
my life by the time I graduate. So, I think that’s my resolution. I also want to learn to like seafood. I’ve never really tried it. It seems so sophisticated though.”

Rachel Clippinger, wet ink editor: “My New Year’s resolution is to eat healthier and maintain a positive attitude.”

Cody Benjamin, sports editor: “My New Year’s resolution is to put others
before myself and have a productive spring that leads into an even more productive summer.”

Katlynn Resides, photo and new media editor: “My New Year’s resolution is to have a New Year’s resolution next new year. I would also like to be sure to eat Taco Bell all day, every day, forever. Live Más.”

Kristin May, graphic designer: “This year I’m looking forward to ending my
time at IUP and moving on to bigger cities. I hope to continue designing and
making art while traveling. My New Year’s resolutions are to learn how to make cheesecake and to eat copious amounts of homemade cheesecake.”