Campus Style: Winter Season


As the spring semester at Indiana University of Pennsylvania starts off with frigid morning walks and snow-covered sidewalks, we also wake up to the never-ending, head-throbbing question, “But what will I wear?”

Those new class jitters are now accompanied by not knowing how to properly prepare for Jack Frost’s cold front this year.

It is easy to stay fashionable and still bear the cold with this winter’s fashion trends.

An outfit can never have too many layers. A blouse, an open V-neck sweater, a leather jacket, a fluffed-up infinity scarf, a knitted beanie and a pair of leather knee-high boots; the layers are never-ending.

Teresa Nicosia (sophomore, fashion merchandising) offered some advice on how to work a winter wardrobe.

“A great way to stay cute and warm is to definitely layer and to remember your winter accessories like hats, gloves, scarves and headbands,” Nicosia said. “You’ll stay warm but also have people wondering how you are making winter looking so fashionable.”

While the winter wind seems to never go away, by adding a cute statement scarf and knee-high socks in your boots, you can still stay stylish while bearing the cold.

Forget about being boring this season; prints have become vibrant, spectacular and non-distinguishable. Pair an old, flannel button-up with a checkered blouse and top off the look with black leather jeggings that form to every inch of the body.

Fashion icons are customizing their styles this year, with bold accessories such as wool, floppy fedoras and bold-color pea coats.

“Designers have been using thicker fabrics and yarns – especially in cardigans and sweaters,” Nicosia said, “which are always a great choice during the winter months.”

Do you need a new hobby for the new year? Learning how to knit will suit this season’s obsession with knitted hats, scarves, sweaters and gloves.

To lower the cost of your shopping obsession, buying yarn and knitting your own accessories can save you that extra money you need to splurge on that extra sweater you were holding back on buying.

Adding little things to your style can make you stand out and stay warm.

Alex Seibert (sophomore, journalism) said her favorite thing about winter is the endless options of accessories.

“My favorite accessory is adding a vest to a simplistic outfit,” Seibert said. “From long, statement jackets, furry or puffy vests to knee high socks with boots, the possibilities are never-ending.”

This winter is all about neutrals, browns, beiges, black and army green. Stay cozy in a knit sweater dress or dress up in a knit pant with a
matching top.

Leather jackets and leather pants have also made a statement in the spotlight and it does not look like they will be walking away anytime soon.

This winter season is not nearly over, so as the temperature continues to drop in Indiana, don’t forget to layer up before embarking in the cold air.

Stay warm while looking fashionable in new exciting accessories of the
season and embrace the new knit comfy fad of 2015.