Do-it-yourself gifts on a college budget


Don’t stress out about spending all of your savings on gifts or having another year of buying socks for your loved ones. Continue to enjoy the holiday season hassle-free with this guide to do-it-yourself gifts.

  • Notes in a jar – Cut up a decent amount of pieces of paper and write notes, memories, or song lyrics on each piece of paper.

Next, fill a jar or tin with the pieces of paper, along with small candies like Hershey Kisses or peppermints.

Next, decorate the outside of the jar or use a festive jar from the dollar store. Finally, attach a note to the jar telling the gift receiver to take one candy and read one note every Monday (because Mondays always need some cheering up).

  • Cookies in a jar – Gather all of the dry ingredients for the gift receiver’s favorite cookie recipe.

Next, decorate or buy a festive jar.

Then, layer the dry ingredients into the jar.

Finally, use a ribbon to attach a note to the jar that has a recipe,
along with a list of the perishable items needed for the recipe.

  • Book Safe – Get a hardcover book with about 300 to 400 pages. Use a ruler to sketch a rectangle on the first page of the book with
    an inch perimeter from the edge of the book to the
    edge of the rectangle. Use a box cutter to cut out the sketched rectangle.

This will cut about 10 pages at a time.

Once all of the pages are cut out, use glue (preferably tacky glue) to paste chunks of the pages together.

Also add the glue to the edges of the pages, the hollowed out edges, and the back cover to the inside page.

Finally, place the book under some form of pressure to dry for about 45 minutes.

Make sure you do not accidentally glue the front cover of the book shut.

  • Chalk Champagne drinking glasses – Get champagne glasses (this can be cheap at a dollar store).

Use chalkboard paint (which can be found in a spray can for about $4 at Walmart) to cover the bottom of the glass’s leg.

Once dried, add a box of chalk
to the present.

This is a perfect gift to use for a New Year’s party.

The host can hand out glasses that guests can write their names on.

  • Thrift Shop Sweatshirt – Get a plain-colored sweatshirt from any thrift shop.

Use fabric paint or fabric markers to paint designs onto the sweatshirt.

You can even cut out patterns from a dish sponge, dip it into the fabric paint, and make a faux print design.

  • Decorated Picture Frame – Get a picture frame from the dollar store, Salvation Army or Walmart for cheap.

Use pictures of you and the gift receiver and/or pictures from magazines. Use Mod Podge to paste the pictures onto the frame.

Add a top coat of Mod Podge to the pictures once they are all glued on.

You can also add gems, studs, ribbon or any other creative items lying around. You can leave it
empty or put a picture of you and the gift receiver
inside the frame.

  • iPhone Case – Get a clear iPhone case (this can be found on Amazon among other places).

Cut out pictures or patterns from a magazine of something the gift receiver might like.

This could be something like an inside joke or a favorite sports team.

Use Mod Podge or glue to securely attach the images to the inside of the phone case facing outwards.

It is easy to find gifts for family and friends without breaking your piggy bank this Christmas.