Counseling Center presents Sleep Workshop just in time for finals


Tips on recuperating from an unbalanced sleep schedule will be presented through the Counseling Center Wednesday at 6 p.m.

Finals can often be a time when students are trying to get through those last pages of notes while fighting the urge to put to rest burning, red eyes.

Luckily, Peter Kozel (graduate, clinical psychology) and Lisa Model (graduate, psychology) will be presenting a sleep workshop titled “Sleep: It Does a Body Good,” in room G-60 in Suites on Maple East.

Emily Lazar (graduate, psychology) said the seminar usually takes place around this time of the semester.

Lazar mentioned how sleep is a part of physical and mental health.

“Always choose as extra hour of sleep over an extra hour of studying when feeling sleep deprived”
was a tip given by Lazar.

This illustrates the vital factor of sleep when it comes to performing in academics.

Kozel has graduate citizenship at Indiana University of Pennsylvania and became proficient in
the subject after recently working in a Canadian
hospital’s sleep clinic.

Kozel explained that sleep deprivation is “one of the things that is very common among college students.”

The main points in this workshop will be the repercussions and consequences of not getting enough
sleep and the improvements students can make to get enough sleep or fix our sleep schedules.

There will be a collective discussion of common sleeping problems and an analysis of why students don’t get enough sleep.

“We will talk about cheat codes and things we can do to get sleep
back because, for whatever reason, we tend to get lost in our lives at IUP,” Kozel said.

Kozel also noted that there will be a “brief mention of diet and exercise because they are intertwining issues,”
but said the main focus of the workshop will be on sleep.

“People have liked these seminars in the past,” Lazar said.

Jaclyn Fishalow (graduate student, psychology) is the outreach program coordinator for the Center of Health and Well-Being.

She usually handles the requests for workshops and other events.

“This is a workshop we put on without a request,” Fishalow. “We have done it in the past, and I think it’s pretty popular. We get a better turn out closer to finals week.”

The Counseling Center will be presenting a workshop Dec. 3 on going home for the holidays.

The workshop will consist of tips on transitioning from being at school to being with family.