‘Hot Iron: A Victorian Industrial Fantasy’ sets record at IUP

The museum exhibit, “Hot Iron: A Victorian Industrial Fantasy,” has set the record for the best attended and most successful fundraiser during the annual gala at Indiana University of Pennsylvania.

Janet Blood, associate professor of fashion merchandising, spoke of the theme and activities that occurred for this year’s gala.

“On Sept. 27, there was a dinner served, dancing, a show put on from the campus theater to match the theme of Steam Punk and an auction with donated items from the community and also from Rowenta, which is a well-known iron product seller,” Blood said.

Andrea Petrillo (senior, art studio) works at the museum and explained why it was the most attended display the campus museum has seen.

“The museum’s exhibit, ‘Hot Iron: A Victorian Industrial Fantasy,’ has over 800 pieces to the collection,” Petrillo said, “which was donated by [alumna] Maureen Flaherty, and it shows the revolution of the irons.

“The revolutions consist of showing the world culture and the different uses for games, housework and even purses,” she said.

Blood also expressed her opinion of why the exhibit was the most visited.

“The clothing was from our costume collection that was donated from locals or alumni, and the uses of the different irons were highlighted by historical, practical and social,” said Blood. “There was a great interaction for the guests throughout the whole gala, especially with a set-up iron board where guests were able to write their comments about the exhibit or gala.”

The people involved with the “Hot Iron” gala created the largest public iron collection, along with the most successful and attended exhibit within the museum’s history of nearly 40 years.