The final countdown

As piles of homework and last-minute research assignments begin to pile up, stress starts to take over the minds of college students who have the “mid-semester blues.”

It is that time of year, when students find themselves purchasing mass amounts of caffeine and microwave meals for on-the-go nights. The library suddenly goes from a ghost town to a packed family room full of study groups and quiet hallways.

It can be hard for many to get things done, as the lack of energy and motivation suddenly hits hard on the minds of students across the nation.

A way to put up a fight with the mid-semester blues is to take small steps to getting this end of semester work done. Set small goals during the week to accomplish – start with one paper and work up to multiple homework assignments a night.

You can organize your goals with a planner and cross off each assignment when it is complete.

Being busy is a good thing, but becoming overwhelmed can easily make any student become defeated and mentally exhausted.

Forming a support group can allow for easy study hours to fly by and also help information really be learned with acronyms and funny similes.

Don’t allow yourself to become isolated with your work.

The expression “all work, no play,” is not a healthy lifestyle to live.

The best way to relieve stress and to get things done effectively is to allow yourself to have work time and also relaxation time.

Go outside: Binge-watching Netflix is not always the best way to escape the stress.

As it becomes colder and rainier in Indiana, the days will seem longer and the mornings will make it seem impossible to remove yourself from your bed.

However, you have to find inspiration in the future.

Think about what will happen if you do really well on your next test or get an A on that research paper you have been working on for weeks.

Midterms are finally over, so as we push on to the final stretch of this semester, remember: You can do it. You have made it this far, why not finish strong?

Achieving success is all about attitude.

As Henry Ford once said, “The man who thinks he can and the man who thinks he can’t are both right.”