Homecoming events for all

If the onslaught of numerous groups of students selling T-shirts across campus and the flood of alumni back to campus were not enough, the hordes of students making trips to the local beer distributors to stock up for the weekend could only indicate one thing: It’s homecoming at IUP.

It has been nearly impossible to walk through campus without seeing at least one or two groups of students shouting something about purchasing some sort of homecoming-related merchandise, normally student-designed and funded T-shirts.

Most of these student shirts display a similar message: “It’s homecoming, so drink everything you can get your hands on!”

Social media is no better, with students taking to Twitter to brag about their homecoming plans, or to reminisce about previous homecoming shenanigans that they may or may not remember.

If you’re a student and you’re not into the party scene, it may be difficult to find something to do this weekend that doesn’t involve alcohol. This is where the university is stepping in.

This homecoming, the university is attempting to provide alternative entertainment for those seeking it with a series of alcohol-free events to keep students occupied and out of Tuesday’s police blotter.

For those students who enjoy dancing, the African American Cultural Center is hosting its annual Homecoming Mexican Dinner and Salsa Dancing. The event is located at Cozumel Mexican Restaurant on Philadelphia Street and lasts from 6:00 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. Friday.

Students can also attend the homecoming bingo hosted by the Boosting Alcohol Consciousness Concerning the Health of University Students at 10 p.m. Friday in the Hadley Union Building Ohio Room.

Beginning at 10 a.m. Saturday, the Homecoming Parade can provide students and families with a great way to start the morning, followed by the football game against division rival Seton Hill at 2 p.m. at Miller Stadium. Round out your alcohol-free weekend with Monte Carlo Night at the Kovalchick Complex complete with casino games, prices, food, dancing and movies from 9 p.m. to 2 a.m.

There are always alternatives to drinking, and it is important that students feel that they have a choice. Just because you attend a party school does not mean you have to partake in activities and make decisions that you may not be comfortable with.

Remember to make responsible decisions that benefit you, not hinder you.