Vegetarian dining opportunities for students

Although Indiana University of Pennsylvania was established almost 140 years ago, that doesn’t mean it’s not modern in its ways, especially when it comes to dining options.

It’s no secret that vegetarian diets are becoming more than just a passing fad. In fact, according to, nearly 7.3 million adult Americans follow a vegetarian diet.  With these numbers in mind, IUP strives to provide on-campus selections to students who stray from consuming animal products. In fact, many vegetarian dining options can be found right on campus.

“I go to Einstein’s in the Hadley Union Building a lot,” vegetarian Shane Malachow (freshman, computer science and technical theater) said. “I love their egg sandwiches and pizza bagels.”

Rebecca Lewis (freshman, nutrition and dietetics), another vegetarian, recommends the salads at Sprout in the HUB, as well as the vegetarian sandwiches at Einstein’s.

But for students who would rather not dine on campus day after day, there are many off-campus eateries that are vegetarian-friendly.

“I have been to China King on Philadelphia Street and the Thai restaurant in town,” Lewis said.

“Both have good vegetarian options.”

“Café Amadeus has great smoothies,” Malachow said. “And I will go to Domino’s for pizza occasionally.”

But for those who want to skip dinner and go straight to dessert, Yummy for Every Tummy, a bakery located at 734 Philadelphia St., offers an animal-friendly way to satisfy a sweet tooth.

“Everything in the store is vegan,” said Jim Bartek, co-owner of Yummy for Every Tummy. “We have vegan cupcakes, pies, cakes, scones and biscotti. We opened it to cater to everybody’s diets and provide really great treats.”

As if another reason was needed to stop in, Bartek said, “We always offer free samples.”

Many vegetarian and vegan students enjoy treating themselves at Yummy for Every Tummy, their favorite goods being lemon cranberry cookies, mini pumpkin pies and, of course, cupcakes.

But the best way to tell if IUP is successfully catering to vegetarians is to go straight to the source.  According to Lewis, variety seems to be lacking.

“It seems like the only healthy options are salads,” she said.

“I think the options are good,” Malachow said. “Burger Studio in the Crimson Cafe and Grille Works in the HUB both have great veggie burgers, and the veggie bar in Fosters is surprisingly pretty nice.”