Open Mic nights at IUP

Monday nights at Indiana University of Pennsylvania have something to offer students – Open Mic Night in the Hadley Union Building Delaware Room at 8 p.m.

Contrary to what one may assume, Open Mic Night is not an event solely for musicians.

Performers from all fields are welcome to attend: musicians, comedians, poets, dancers, actors; and the list goes on.

Anyone who craves the spotlight and has a love for performing is highly encouraged to share his or her talent with fellow classmates.

Though Open Mic Night has been taking place on campus for several years now, but it seems that the student body’s awareness of it is lacking.

Alyssa Hankey (senior, art studio) and Cat Zisk (junior, biology/pre-med) are in charge of the program this year.

“The atmosphere is really positive,” Zisk said.

“Everyone who goes there usually becomes friends, who are supportive of each other, and you really get to know the people with a wide variety of skill levels,” he said.

Zisk said she is hoping to see a wider range of acts this year at Open Mic.

Clare Beatty (sophomore, sociology) has sung for the crowd at Open Mic Night about four times.

“It’s a really relaxed atmosphere,” Beatty said. “Everyone’s very friendly and encouraging.  People have forgotten lyrics before, and the crowd has still been very nice and gracious.”

Beatty said that singers can bring a soundtrack or iPod to play through the speakers if they do not have a live accompaniment.

Beatty also said performers can bring along a friend who plays an instrument to join them on stage.

There is also a guitar available to use if performers do not have their own.

Open Mic Night usually draws in 25 to 35 performers a night, and all of their closest friends fill the Delaware Room’s seats to enjoy the free entertainment and pizza.

Performers are not given a time limit for their acts; however, the event’s purpose is to showcase multiple talents, not to be a concert of one person.

The event typically ends around 10 p.m.

“If you can do something cool, come on out,” Zisk said.  “Everyone would be really excited to see it.”

The first Open Mic Night of the semester is scheduled for Sept. 8.