Thank you, readers

It’s final newspaper time, Indiana University of Pennsylvania – and these past 50 newspapers have been a pleasure for us at The Penn to put together. We’ve worked hard and done our best to cover all things IUP from sports to town-gown relations at homecoming and IUPatty’s to campus culture. And you, students, have allowed us to interview you, kept our newspapers off of the stands, and some even have written letters to the editor. Next year, IUP’s student voice will be represented by eight new editors.

As for the, now former, editors of the 2013-14 academic year, we bid you goodbye.

Dave Gershgorn, editor-in-chief: It’s been a great privilege covering the campus – all of our late nights, last-minute phone calls and innumerable pots of coffee were in the interest of an active and informed student body. So keep reading, IUP. We’ll keep writing.

Meghan McDonald, managing editor: The amount that I’ve learned this year thanks to this newspaper and position has been surreal – I wouldn’t trade in the dark circles due to severely missing deadlines, late homework assignments, or lack of a 4.0 GPA for anything. Thanks for reading.

Abbey Zelko, news editor: Working as the news editor of The Penn has given me some of the greatest memories I’ve had at IUP. I’ll never forget running around the news room trying to track down information about the Maple Street shooting at 2 a.m. on production night. Thanks to a great staff and to our readers for making my last semester an exciting one.

Aleda Johnson, Wet Ink editor: It was an honor keeping all of you informed and tracking the antics of this university throughout my semester with The Penn. I’m sad to be leaving you all behind, and hope to bump into some of you again in the future. Stay stylish, IUP!

Josh Carney, sports editor: As the editor of the sports section, I have to say that it has been a blast. Although nights working on producing the best section I could have been long and strenuous, I wouldn’t trade it for anything in this world. Launching a sports podcast that is featured on iTunes while developing new writers has been a memory I’ll never forget. For those interested in writing, I encourage you to do just that – write! That’s the only way you’ll accomplish what you want to do in the field of journalism.

Theron Binder, photo editor: The final paper has printed, the year is almost over and the memory of working in The Penn office will live long in my memory. Shout out to the most diligent students/staff who were wonderful to work with. Great work!

Sam Sullivan, copy editor: There have been crazy things happening in this news room that you, the reader, might not even have known about all year. I encourage you to learn and to read and to grow as a person, as I have this year, and work toward whatever it is that makes you happy.

Joe Kolenda, web editor: This year, we were excited to launch our new website, an effort which has greatly increased The Penn’s online presence. We hope you had a successful year and enjoyed keeping up with your campus news. Thank you to all our readers for your continued support, and good luck on your future endeavors.