Student lands publicity internship representing country music artists

A junior journalism major proved that persistence pays off in the job-searching process when she landed a dream internship with Warner Music Nashville after keeping in contact with the company for seven months.

Dominique Nadik (junior, journalism), of Carnegie, will serve as a publicity intern for WMN, an expansion of Warner Music Group.

WMN works with the company’s labels in Nashville, such as Atlantic Records, Warner Bros. Records, Elektra Nashville and Word Entertainment. As an intern, she will assist with news item preparation for various music artists’ websites and social media outlets, as well as understanding different artists’ brands.

WMN represents popular country artists including Blake Shelton, Faith Hill, Gloriana, Randy Travis and Hunter Hayes, as well as comedians including Jimmy Fallon, Jeff Foxworthy, Larry the Cable Guy and Lisa Lampanelli.

Nadik will begin her 12-credit internship May 19.

She said she hopes to gain as much knowledge in the field of publicity and the music industry as she can while she is in Nashville.

“My ultimate goal is to be a publicist for a country music artist,” she said. “I plan to make the best out of every opportunity that I get and meet as many people as I can during this learning experience.”

Nadik said she is anxious to find out what all goes into being a publicist and keeping big artists successful.

The 21-year-old applied for the internship after making a previous trip to Nashville in November to interview WMN’s Senior Vice President of Publicity Tree Paine for a professional interview assignment for journalism professor Randy Jesick’s introductory public relations class.

“After suggesting the idea of traveling to Nashville, I was introduced to IUP alumnus John Esposito, president of Warner Music Nashville, home to Blake Shelton,” she said. “Honestly, they had me at Blake Shelton.”

She said that after researching WMG and WMN, she found herself becoming more and more impressed with the organization and what they do, and that is when she contacted Paine.

“My mom, dad, brother and I made a weekend trip out of the project,” she said, “and I, obviously, fell in love with the city.”

After the interview with Paine, Nadik said, she realized that everything Paine does is exactly what she is interested in doing.

“I understood that even though applying for an internship there would be a shot in the dark,” she said, “I wanted nothing more.”

She applied in January, and it was a long wait until mid-April when she received an email from Paine’s assistant telling her she got the internship.

“I still feel like I’m dreaming, and every time I realize that it’s reality, I either cry or scream,” she said. “It amazes me more and more each day that I was chosen to work with some of the people who I admire most and aspire to be. I feel like the luckiest girl in the world.”

Nadik said she wouldn’t mind running into a few music artists while on the job.

“I’m a firm believer in ‘everything happens for a reason,’ and I used to convince myself that one day it will ‘just hit me,’” she said. “I never actually believed that, but ever since I found my way into the journalism department, I feel like that’s exactly what happened. I never imagined that a class assignment would result in me finding exactly where I thrive.”

As for advice for students who really want an internship, Nadik said persistence is the key. She said she believes the No. 1 reason she was chosen for the position was because of her persistence in keeping in contact with Paine and showing how interested she was in the position and their organization

“This, without a doubt,” Nadik said, “has been the greatest professional achievement I have made thus far, and I can’t wait to see where it takes me.”

Nadik will graduate with a bachelor’s degree in journalism in December.