Procrastinate that procrastination instead

It’s that time of year again when the semester winds to a close, classwork mounts, and the weather becomes too nice to want to do any work. But for many students, the work completed and tests taken over the next two weeks can make or break their grades.

To get through unscathed, here are some study tips from The Penn staff to make the most of these next two weeks while maintaining sanity.

The first thing to help keep you on the ball is making a list of everything that is due so nothing is forgotten. Then check the items off as they are completed. Not only does this keep you from forgetting anything, it gives you a sense of accomplishment as you cross things out.

Try a new learning technique like spacing material out and breaking it up into manageable chunks. According to an article written by Harvard Magazine, when material is reviewed like this over a long period of time it is more effective than cramming, and the material will stick in your brain for longer.

Another option that may be helpful for studying is doing so in a group. Getting together with a couple friends to review material every couple of days can be very effective, according to a Duke University study.

Just make sure to assign someone to be in charge of delegating tasks and keeping the group focused.

But the most important thing to remember, whether you are studying for an exam or writing a research paper, is to take breaks and treat yourself.

By rewarding yourself at the end of a chapter or paper, it becomes easier to not procrastinate.

Taking regular breaks can also keep productivity high and make focusing on your work easier, according to a University of Illinois study.

For example, go to the gym or on a walk around campus to get your mind off of all the work that needs to be done.

No matter what works for you when preparing for finals weeks, study hard and good luck from The Penn.