Driscoll projects 3 percent tuition increase at open forum

A 3 percent tuition increase is projected for next year, Indiana University of Pennsylvania President Michael Driscoll said at his monthly open forum Tuesday.

“We’re not sure exactly where the border will go with tuition in July, but we projected a 3 percent increase again,” Driscoll said.

Driscoll also said he hopes that the budget will stay flat.

The Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistance Agency increases for the student services fee were approved by the Council of Trustees at its last meeting, and the increases were a part of their projection, Driscoll said.

“We’re close to knowing enrollment as it looks like now,” he said. “If enrollment goes up dramatically, then we can all relax, but it’s not likely to do that. We have had to work harder to stay even.”

Driscoll described the budget as “bouncing around.”

“We have some work to do to get this under control, but we’re not in a big, scary crisis,” he said. “If we keep sitting here and not doing anything, then comes a crisis.”

Driscoll said he thinks this is happening in some of IUP’s sister institutions.

As IUP starts to get ahead, the university administration will have some breathing space to talk about where the university needs to go in the future in terms of mission direction, he said.

Driscoll also discussed a suggestion that was made by a staff worker from Clark Hall.

The worker said multiple people have come up to her office to ask how they get to the Admissions Office.

Big white signs lead out of the parking garage directing visitors to the Performing Arts Center, but little crimson and slate text signs direct people to the Admissions Office.

When someone walks to Clark by accident, they are angry, she said, and “these are the people that we are trying to get to bring their children here.”

Driscoll agreed.

“As they have moved the fences around, too, some of the signage isn’t correct, so we will look into that to make it more visible,” he said.

Driscoll also said discussions and negotiations are ongoing with some of the finalists in both the vice president of facilities and a vice president for human resources positions.