Mitchell sets home run mark as IUP wins last 9 of 10

Nine wins in the last 10 games have the Indiana University of Pennsylvania softball team back on the right track as it has nearly doubled its wins in the past week.

Jasa Mitchell (senior, criminology) and Stefanie McCoy (junior, health and physical education) led the Crimson Hawks to an overwhelming victory

against Edinboro University April 13, with Mitchell’s 10th home run of the season and McCoy’s seven RBIs leading IUPtoa9-0and 7-2 double victory.

After playing 20 games in 16 days, IUP did all it could to keep its efforts up. “During the pregame warm-up, I was thinking about how exhausted I felt,”McCoy said.

“But then my perspective changed when my teammate, Mary Ward (senior, computer science), said we needed to act like we had not played for weeks so that we appreciate the opportunity to play.”

To start off the opening game, McCoy knocked in five of her seven RBIs and sent Christi Mauk (senior, exercise science) home after singling up the middle.

McCoy advanced to second on the throw, allowing Mitchell to score and giving IUP a 2-0 lead against the Fighting Scots.

In the fourth, McCoy added two more RBIs, allowing Hannah Mercer (freshman, marketing) and Emily Hofmann (freshman, business manage- ment) to score.

The end was in sight for IUP when McCoy closed the game with a two-run home run to left field in the sixth inning.

Compared to the previous games, McCoy said her “focus was sharper and [she] was determined to help lift the team up from the losses suffered earlier in the week.”

Alexa Campbell (junior, exercise sci- ence) struck out three of five batters in the bottom of the sixth, ensuring yet another shutout at 9-0.

“Our hitting is carrying us now, but the pitching is doing a good job as well,” head coach William Graham said.

As game two began, neither team was able to get on the scoreboard until the top of the fourth.

Mitchell sent a solo shot to left field, making it her 10th homer and making IUP history by setting a single-season record.

Sitting three homers ahead of Seton Hill University’s Carlee Wickstrom, Mitchell leads the conference in home runs.