The Cookie Corner: Bakery breakdown


The Indiana area is booming with bakeries – two of which are brand new– all of which have unique characteristics that allow them to not only compete, but also to coexist.

Six Hand Bakery, located at 29 N. Eighth St., is co-owned by Stephanie Chandler and Jean-Yves Boulard. The bakery has been in business since October 2010.

According to Boulard, the main distinction that Six Hand Bakery has from the other shops in the area is a dedication to producing fresh baked goods from scratch without the use of preservatives.

“Our mission is to feature fresh baked goods from both the American tradition and the European tradition,” Boulard said. “That includes breads, pastries and also savory items.

“Everything is made from scratch – we don’t buy any mixes. And, all the fillings that we have in our products are made from fruit and from scratch.”

Boulard said Six Hand Bakery’s products are all baked using only natural ingredients.

Because of its wide variety of products, Six Hand Bakery targets both the residents of Indiana and Indiana University of Pennsylvania students.

According to Boulard, the bakery’s clientele is a relatively even mix of the two.

Yummy For Every Tummy Bakery, located on the 700 block of Philadelphia Street, is another option for Indiana residents and students craving something sweet.

Distinguishing it from other local bakeries, everything at the Yummy for Every Tummy is vegan, and a selection of the products are also gluten-free.

Some of the bakery’s specialty items include tiramisu cupcakes, gluten-free Italian bread, coffee apricot cupcakes and many other treats.

Jim Bartek, a co-owner of the bake shop, said that the majority of customers thus far have been Indiana residents rather than students.

He said he would like to see more student customers in addition to the residents.

“Just come in and try it; you don’t have to be vegan,” Bartek said. “It’s a cupcake; how bad could it be?”

The newest addition to the Indiana bakeries is Insomnia Cookies, a chain company that delivers cookies, brownies and ice cream until 3 a.m.

Marketing Director Renee Sarnecky said Insomnia Cookies opened Monday at South Seventh Street.

“The late-night component and the delivery aspect make us stand apart from your typical everyday bakery, but aside from that we also work a lot with the campus,” Sarnecky said. “We try to get involved with the community as much as possible through fundraising and donation days.”

Considering their late-night hours and delivery option, Sarnecky said, Insomnia Cookies targets IUP students more than Indiana residents; however, residential customers are also expected.

According to Insomnia Cookie’s website, the idea was founded by Seth Berkowitz in 2003.

While attending the University of Pennsylvania, he delivered fresh cookies to fellow students late at night.

Because this casual arrangement was so successful, Insomnia Cookies was born.

Despite the abundance of bakeries in Indiana, they have all managed to coexist due to their distinct characteristics and goals.

Whether you are looking for freshly baked goods from scratch, a vegan or gluten-free cupcake or a late-night snack, Indiana has the bakery for you.