Clutter to SGA: Construction continues on schedule, plans made to improve parking

Sam Clutter, Indiana University of Pennsylvania’s director of public safety, gave a construction update at the Student Government Association’s weekly meeting Tuesday.

The humanities and social sciences building is on-schedule and will take about a year and a half to two years more to finish the project, he said.

“It will make a huge difference on campus with the number of classrooms that will go into one building,” he said. “Thirty-eight percent of the classrooms on campus will be in that building.”

The Crimson Café project, between Cogswell Hall and the library, will be finished by the end of June. This food service project will take some of the “heat” off of Foster Hall, Clutter said.

After graduation in May, the Folger Hall renovation will begin. The bottom part of the building will be made handicapped accessible, and the building will be expanded more toward Pratt Drive.

“As of now, the print shop will move to a different location on campus,” Clutter said. “But if it does stay in Folger, it will move to a different part of the building.”

The current plan to build another dining hall between Keith Hall and the Keith parking lot will take away some of the parking spaces in that lot, Clutter said.

Foster Dining Hall will be torn down when the new dining hall is up and running.

Clutter also said a new parking system is in the works.

“What we’re trying to do at the moment is make it so students can go to classes, and if they are parked in a pay space, there will be an app on your phone, and you can add money to your parking meter while you’re in class,” he said.

“It will keep you from paying a $15 parking ticket.”

A new software could also allow students to use their I-Cards to pay for parking within two semesters.

The heating and cooling lines around campus will also be upgraded to current technology, Clutter said.

“They have already started some of the project with the humanities building along Grant Street,” he said. “It will make a big difference on how buildings are heated and cooled.”

In other business, SGA is making progress with CrimsonConnect, the software purchased by SGA that allows campus organizations to post information and events for its members, according to Allison Shumar, assistant director for student life/student leadership and new student success and SGA adviser.

There are about 70 organizations signed up for CrimsonConnect, she said.

Shumar said SGA will introduce CrimsonConnect to the incoming freshmen during orientation this summer.

“We will have them adding in their interests and adding in the certain events they would like to take part in,” she said.

Three training sessions for organizations are scheduled every Wednesday and Thursday until the end of the semester.

CollegiateLink campus consultant Katie Felton will visit IUP Monday to attend the Student House of Representatives meeting at 8:30 p.m. in the Hadley Union Building Ohio Room.

She will talk to the organizations about how to utilize the software to boost member involvement and communication and how to get organizations’ events out there to the student body, Shumar said.

Sen. Samantha Sheets (junior, natural science), SGA’s Relay for Life team captain, said she wants members to fundraise more because “right now the university has raised about $4,000, and last year the university raised $22,000.”

Sen. Taylor Billman (senior, management) discussed SGA’s participation in Wednesday’s Earth Day.

SGA will have two stations to promote healthy growth and the green initiative.

One station will be the dirt dessert station where students can enjoy a tasty dirt pudding, and the other station will allow students to plant their own seeds and take them with them.

President Marissa Olean (junior, criminology/pre-law) swore in one new student senator, Ravyn Barth (freshman, psychology).

There were 21 members present at the meeting.