Balance and Composure brings alternative music to IUP

The Entertainment Network presented Balance and Composure, an American alternative rock band from Doylestown, in the HUB Ohio Room April 10. (Sarah Bader/ The Penn)

Balance and Composure, an alternative rock band based out of Doylestown, performed to a packed Ohio Room at the Hadley Union Building Thursday night.

The line of approximately 225 fans waiting to get into the concert wrapped all around the Hadley Union Building Atrium.

All sorts of people, from the punk rock hipster to the guy that walks around with a Deadmau5 head on – an apparent electronic music fan – showed up. It’s fair to say that Balance and Composure draws quite the eclectic crowd.

The quintet, consisting of Jon Simmons, vocals; Erik Petersen, guitar; Andy Slaymaker, guitar; Matt Warner, bass; and Bailey Van Ellis, drums, was brought to campus by The Entertainment Network.

According to, the band formed in 2007 after the breakup of two local bands in the suburb of Doylestown, which is right outside of Philadelphia.

They have released four EPs and two full-length albums, the latest being “The Things We Think We’re Missing.”

In a review by, the recently released album was said to be “the type of record that makes listeners pause and reflect, evoking moments of happiness and sadness over the course of 13 songs.”

The band is a blend of Smashing Pumpkins and Nirvana, and for those who know their music, this is a blend that can only yield greatness, according to

So why bring B&C to Indiana University of Pennsylvania?

“Balance and Composure,” said Emeka Okolo (senior, biology), spokesperson for TEN, “was picked because they’re an alternative band – which we know many of IUP’s students have been requesting heavily – with a fair amount of local exposure since they’re from Doylestown, Pa.”

This sentiment was echoed by another IUP student.

“[IUP] really haven’t had any punk bands,” said Dylan Schartel (freshman, management), “but I’m really excited to see the band come here.”

Zach Clark, second adviser to TEN, said TEN loves bringing quality acts to IUP for low costs.

Nicolette Deyarmin (freshman, English) said that because she got her I-Card discount, going to the concert was a no-brainer in that she got a good show for a cheap price.

Some students came simply for the opening act, Hop Along.

“I’ve actually never listened to Balance and Composure, but my friends listen to the opening act, and I heard they’re really good so that’s why I came,” Doug Harshberger (junior, computer science) said.

Since forming in 2007, Balance and Composure has grown in popularity across the states.

They have played in major cities across the states and have steadily released music.

Balance and Composure’s paraphernalia and albums can be bought on the No Sleep Records website – – as well as on iTunes.