Low-flying plane to survey campus

Within the next few weeks, a low-flying plane will pass over Indiana University of Pennsylvania’s campus conducting an aerial survey.

The photogrammetric survey, which uses reference points to build estimative 2-D and 3-D models, will help the university develop a new campus base map, according to the Facilities Engineering and Construction page of the IUP website.

This survey will show the campus’ topography, a description of surface shapes and features, and it will also help with IUP’s Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliance and accessibility, said Michelle Fryling, executive director of communications and media relations.

The proximity and grade of handicap accessible walkways on campus will be determined for students in wheelchairs or on crutches, she said.

The last time the university conducted an aerial survey of the campus was close to 25 years ago, according to Fryling.

The new map will provide an accurate depiction of campus to be used as the university moves forward with new projects and construction, she said.

The aerial survey is part of a project that also includes a ground survey, according to the Facilities Engineering and Construction website.

Although there is no set date or time for the aerial survey to occur because of the weather, it must be finished before leaves begin to appear on the trees, according to the site.

“I wanted to make students aware of the survey to ensure that it does not frighten them,” Fryling said.

The survey should be completed within the next few weeks, she said.