SGA hosts Crimson Connect workshops for student organizations

The Student Government Association has planned upcoming workshops for Crimson Connect, a software designed to allow campus organizations to post information and events for its members.

The workshops began Wednesday and Thursday and will continue April 9, 10 and 17, according to the Crimson Connect training website.

If organizations do not sign up, they will not receive access to their Crimson Connect page, according to an email sent to student organizations.

“It is extremely important that organizations register for this tool so they not only receive the benefits that it can provide their organization,” vice president Zachery Chandler (junior, business education) said, “but so they can get used to it now before it becomes the mandatory means of the registration and recognition process for their organizations.”

Chandler said Crimson Connect allows organizations to communicate, interact, recruit and manage a variety of aspects for their organizations.

According to SGA President Marissa Olean (junior, criminology), Crimson Connect will be a positive outcome for everyone once they learn how to use the software.

“I hope that Crimson Connect helps students become involved and more students join organizations on campus,” Olean said.

In other business, SGA will attend the Board of Student Government 2014 Leadership Conference in Harrisburg Saturday.

All 14 SGAs from each state school in Pennsylvania are invited to attend the conference hosted by the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education, but only 12 universities attended last year.

Some universities don’t send their student government because of cost or lack of interest, according to Olean.

SGA members have attended the conference every year.

Olean said that the members who choose to attend will take part in workshops that interest them.

“Last year, there was a workshop about leadership,” Olean said. “Others included how to settle arguments within your organization and how to have fun with your organization without having to be totally serious about it.”

Olean told SGA members that it’s a great learning opportunity and that members can learn something to bring back to SGA and apply to other organizations they are involved in.

This is the first time PASSHE has held the event in Harrisburg because no university volunteered to host it this year, Olean said.

“It serves as a centralized location for all state universities,” she said.