Drink Indiana: Redd’s Apple Ale

As Spring rounds the corner, it is almost time for 21-and-overs to crack open a nice refreshing beer and take a break.

But what do you drink if you don’t like beer?

One solution comes in the form of Redd’s Apple Ale, which is reminiscent of some of the much-loved alternatives like Mike’s Hard Lemonade and Angry Orchard hard cider.

Considering the Frequently Asked Questions area of the Redd’s website, there seems to be a common assumption that Redd’s is a hard cider, which it isn’t.

Redd’s Apple Ale is – as its name suggests – an ale, meaning that it is brewed, as opposed to the fermented apple-based process used when making hard ciders.

So that means that Redd’s Apple Ale is considered a beer.

And much like your average beer, Redd’s Apple Ale has 5 percent alcohol content.

Unlike your average beer, though, that 5 percent is almost indetectable by the taste buds.

Both the Apple and Strawberry Ales are smooth and without the bite of alcohol.

Also unlike your average beer, Redd’s only has 165 calories per bottle to its name.

But the true silver lining of a Redd’s purchase is not the lack of bitterness or the health factor.

It’s the crisp, flavorful taste.

The ale adds the sour edge of a Granny Smith apple to the usual hoppiness of an ale.

While the beer taste is still present, it becomes less pronounced as the palate picks up the malty sweetness of the apple taste.

And that taste is more likely than not the primary reason behind Holiday Beverages Inc.’s decision to elect Redd’s as the drink of choice for two of their recent beer tastings, the second of which will be held from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. Saturday.

Brady Weaver, a Holiday Beverages employee, said the April 1 tasting, which included the traditional Apple Ale, the Strawberry Ale and the newly introduced Hard Iced Tea, was a success for the brand’s reputation.

“It went very well,” Weaver said. “People seemed to enjoy each of them.”

While Redd’s Hard Iced Tea is currently only available in the Redd’s variety packs, if it becomes popular enough, it might get a solo release, giving Redd’s three varieties on the market.

For a relatively new brand, such a rapid increase in varieties in uncommon, but Weaver said Tuesday’s response is a strong indicator of buyer preference.

“It’s definitely a more popular choice than a lot of the beers,” Weaver said.