Billie Jean King speaks to her role in gender equality

Pioneer for equality and former tennis great Billie Jean King spoke to Indiana University of Pennsylvania March 31. (Sean Yoder/ The Penn)

Billie Jean King, former No. 1-ranked American professional tennis player, spoke Monday night in Fisher Auditorium about how she made a difference in gender equality in sports and daily life.

During her tennis career, King won 39 Grand Slam titles and is often recognized for her victory against former World No. 1 tennis player Bobby Riggs in a notable tennis match called the “Battle of the Sexes” in 1973.

King said the “Battle of the Sexes” benefited both men and women.

“Most people forget that match was a victory for both genders,” King said.

King lobbed autographed tennis balls in a crowd of about 150 people during her hour-and-20-minute presentation.

“I love tennis; I love to hit the ball,” King said. “But I wanted to make a difference in the world off the court.”

King started the idea of mixed-doubles when she co-founded the coed professional tennis league World TeamTennis in 1974.

“When kids come to a World TeamTennis event, they see men and women playing together,” King said.

King answered questions from the audience and gave advice to a local high school student on how to perfect her serve.

“If you dream it, go for it,” King said.

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