Spring Fever Weekend serves as IUPatty’s alternative

It’s been a rough winter in Indiana.

The regular onslaught of snow and low temperatures has more likely than not made Indiana University of Penn­sylvania students look forward to spring break even more than they usually would.

That’s why this year the university-designated “Spring Fever Weekend” will be offering IUP students a plethora of alternative IUPatty’s events all weekend to get them in the mood for warmer weather.

Ann Sesti of the Center for Health and Well-Being said the events were chosen based on the results of several student surveys that were distributed throughout January.

One of the goals of Spring Fever Weekend was to provide fun alternatives to the heavy drinking usually associated with IUPatty’s weekend, according to Sesti.

Kurt Stridinger (senior, theater) said he thinks it’s responsible of IUP to give students a sober alternative to IUPatty’s.

“Whether or not it’s to combat IUPatty’s or not, it’s still a nice thing to do for students,” Stridinger said.

Other students are not as convinced that the name change will matter.

“I assume this is to prevent this holi­day from being about just drinking for students,” Natalie Pina (senior, com­munications media) said. “It’s nice that they provide other options, but putting a new name out there for this holiday isn’t going to prevent students from do­ing what they want.”

Attendees of Spring Fever Weekend events will receive tickets for each event entering them into drawings for prizes like a Kindle, a flat-screen television and an iPad mini.

Students who pick up a Spring Fever All-Access Event Pass, available in the Health Hut, 303 Pratt Hall, The Hadley Union Building Food Court, the Staple­ton Library and Folger Food Court, will receive a stamp for each event they at­tend.

Additionally, students who attend the events wearing a Spring Fever Week­end T-shirt or other Center for Stu­dent Life-approved IUPatty’s shirt will receive an extra stamp.

The drawings will be held on Mon­day, and winners will be notified by phone or email.

The event that received the most stu­dent votes from the survey was Spring Fever Laser Tag, which will be held from 7-10 p.m. Saturday in Zink Hall.

Registration for teams of up to five is available on the Center for Health and Well-Being website.

Students without a team can also sign up for an open-play spot at the event.

Other events include bingo, bad­minton, Zumba, mocktails, trivia night, country line dancing, a talent showcase and open mic night.

But not all of the events are purely recreational.

“We wanted the weekend to have educational programming as well as en­tertainment programming,” Sesti said.

These events include a safe sex “La­tex Luau,” where participants can swim and play games while learning about sexual health, as well as a free CPR training.

Stridinger said these events seemed interesting.

“IUP does a good job of bringing in some quality entertainment for stu­dents,” Stridinger said. “Even for the students who are of age, these events are cool.”

Brandon Clemens also contributed to writing this article.