Winter session enrollment less than previous year

The Indiana University of Pennsylvania winter semester enrollment decreased in 2013 from 2012, according to IUP’s office of Institutional Research, Planning and Assessment.

IUP’s total winter semester enrollment declined to 2,196 in 2013 from 2,270 in 2012 – a 74 student decrease. This decrease follows the trend of IUP’s declining fall and spring semester enrollment.

“We did some very significant marketing efforts in the winter,” said Michelle Fryling, IUP’s director of media relations. “Because our enrollment had dipped a little bit from 2012-13 to 2013-14 we had less of an IUP base for the winter.”

The 2013 winter semester saw 124 non-IUP students compared to 98 non-IUP students in the 2012 winter semester.

“We attribute it to their schools not having the online courses that we have,” Fryling said, “so our faculty was networking within the [Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education]. Other state schools encouraged their students to take classes at IUP that weren’t offered there.”

Fryling said that students within any of the PASSHE’s 14 schools do not pay a registration fee to take courses at IUP over winter break; however, non-PASSHE students do.

Fryling said because the academic calendar is set by PASSHE, she does not believe 2013’s five-week winter break had any effect on the enrollment. In 2012, winter break was six weeks long.

With enrollment statistics finalized for IUP’s fall, winter and spring semesters, Fryling said IUP is currently working on summer enrollment statistics.

“Summer has not only the in-person and on-campus classes but also online classes,” Fryling said. “We’ve kind of turned into a campus that offers opportunities for students all year long.”