Students ring in Valentine’s Day with dancing, formal attire

P.O.I.Z. performed and hosted the 50 Shades of Red Valentine's Day Party Feb. 13 in the HUB Ohio Room. (Theron Binder/ The Penn)

Students wearing their formal dresses, suits and ties started their Valentine’s Day celebration a day early in the Hadley Union Building’s Ohio Room Thursday night.

Once students passed through the security checkpoint, they walked into a room decorated with red tablecloths and rose petals at the first ever “50 Shades of Red Upscale Event.”

The event, coordinated by Indiana University of Pennsylvania’s P.O.I.Z. modeling group and Kappa Alpha Psi, offered light refreshments and snacks along with music from DJ Gabe Aiken (junior, communications media). P.O.I.Z. and Kappa Alpha Psi also hosted a choreographed dance routine.

“It’s a different event to me because everyone is dressed formally, and it’s interesting to see how everyone presents themselves,” Aiken said.

The Valentine’s Day-themed party also offered a photo booth and raffle prizes including themed Valentine baskets with chocolates, $20 movie tickets and gift cards to T.J. Maxx and Red Lobster.

“I like the concept of the event,” said Thomas Grasty (freshman, sports administration). “Besides the theme of Valentine’s Day, it is nice to dress formally. Just to look nice makes you feel good about yourself.”

P.O.I.Z. President Cykhira Walton (junior, criminology/pre-law) said that P.O.I.Z. tries to do a campus event and fundraiser every year.

“In the spring we have a big show, so this is a nice time for people to show up, and people look forward to P.O.I.Z. performing later on in the year,” Walton said.

Walton said she hopes the event will become annual.

“We’re going to see how the weather affects us later on tonight and improve on our planning for next year and see where it takes us,” she said.

P.O.I.Z. Treasurer Dwayne Scott Jr. (senior, accounting) said he is excited about the fundraising aspect of “50 Shades of Red Upscale Event.”

“With the proceeds P.O.I.Z. makes, it will go to our spring Greek Gods and Goddess modeling event, and it will help with our volleyball and basketball tournament that P.O.I.Z. will be holding,” he said.