Winter Warm-Up to bring IUP Day to spring semester

Indiana University of Pennsylvania will host its first ever Winter Warm-Up, a mix between IUP Day and welcome weekend, Feb. 1.

The “warm-up,” co-sponsored by The Pulse and Center for Student Life, will be held at the Memorial Field House from 2-5:30 p.m., where students will have an opportunity to learn about dif­ferent organizations on campus.

Local organizations varying from restaurants to local community volun­teer groups will also be in attendance, according to James Smith (junior, political science), founder and execu­tive director of The Pulse – an organiza­tion promoting student involvement at IUP.

There are currently more than 100 organizations signed up for the Winter Warm-Up, and, according to Smith, the numbers are growing daily.

“Many organizations had asked to have a recruitment fair in the spring in order to gain new members in a semes­ter that has never had a major recruit­ment event,” Smith said.

“We, the students, have been re­sponsible for every detail of this event. We have had much support and advice from the Center for Student Life that have helped to make this event a huge success.”

There will be a raffle at the warm-up and an exhibition allowing certain organizations to demonstrate their tal­ents to all in attendance. Students will also have an opportunity to “shake hands and chat with IUP President Michael Driscoll,” who is planning to attend, according to the official Winter Warm-up Facebook page.

Some of the local restaurants and bakeries who will attend the Win­ter Warm-Up will be handing out free samples of their products accord­ing to Allison Shumar, adviser for The Pulse and assistant director for stu­dent life, student leadership and new student success in the Center for Stu­dent Life.

“We have several already signed up to do so, including Romeo’s, Taze Ristorante, Six Hand Bakery and Valley Dairy, with more signing up each day,” Shumar said.

With community businesses and res­taurants in attendance, Winter Warm- Up will also be a good way to bring the Indiana and IUP communities together, according to Emeka Okolo (senior, biol­ogy), The Pulse planning division direc­tor.

“We felt it would be a great oppor­tunity as a way to ease some tensions that have been growing between com­munity members and the IUP student body in light of recent incidents trans­piring during the fall semester,” Okolo said.

WIUP-FM will also be at the Winter Warm-Up to broadcast the event.

According to Shumar, this will be a good opportunity for spring transfer students, several of whom have said that they were not able to find ways to get involved on cam­pus until the fall when IUP Day takes place.

“With Winter Warm-Up, students will get to experience the Community Corner and sample some of the amaz­ing things Indiana has to offer,” Shumar said.

Those organizing the event expect attendance of the first Winter Warm- Up to be very close to that of IUP Day, which brought an estimated 1,500 stu­dents in throughout the day, according to Smith. The weather is expected to have very little impact on the atten­dance.

“Even for IUP Day, we have never been blessed with the best weather, and that has never affected the turn out to the event,” Smith said.

Students are encouraged by organiz­ers to attend this event and see what Indiana has to offer.

Organizations who wish to pre-sent their group are able to sign up on­line.