Fencing around the Crimson Café will be extended for two weeks

Students are channelled between Cogswell Hall and ongoing construction after fences have been moved to allow more walking traffic Jan. 22. (Ashley Meredith/ The Penn)

The fencing around the Crimson Café construction site has been tempo­rarily relocated.

The construction fence usually along 11th Street was moved further back to the sidewalk along Cogswell Hall Friday and will remain there for up to two weeks while trusses for the Crimson Café are being delivered and placed, according to the IUP website.

“This is just a temporary change and won’t affect the pedestrian walkway,” Michelle Fryling, executive director of Communications and Media Relations at IUP, said.

“The area is not open to regular traffic. The fencing restricts some of the construction vehicles and autho­rized vehicles, but this really isn’t a change for the general population.”

All vehicle access is prohibited in front of Cogswell Hall along 11th Street; however, there will still be access to the Clark Hall lot.