Strategic Visioning Project almost a plan

Mariah Jones Best
Staff Writer

The Strategic Vision Statement for Indiana University of Pennsylvania was officially adopted by the university this week after endorsements from both the University Senate and the Council of Trustees.

It received its endorsement from the senate Tuesday evening and the council Thursday.

The one-page document provides a broad statement of what it is the university will begin or continue to aspire to be, said President Michael Driscoll.

“It’s not too detailed because that allows for interpretation for different departments,” Driscoll said.

The strategic statement lists IUP’s values and the university’s vision for the future.

The completion and endorsement of the strategic vision statement comes at a very important time, Driscoll said, as the university is going through the pro­cess of Middle States Accreditation and working on developing a strategic plan.

Council of Trustees chairwoman Su­san S. Delaney said the effort put into the creating of the statement was a posi­tive one.

“So many people participated in it,” Delaney said, “and the statement that resulted is very inclusive and a good pic­ture for the future for IUP.”

As things change, the university should be able to lean on the basic val­ues, Delaney said.

A final copy of the vision state­ment can be found under the Strategic Visioning Project link on the president’s webpage. There, one can also find the amended draft with expla­nation of changes made to the strategic draft, as well as the notes from the Stra­tegic Visioning Summit held in Octo­ber.

Six themed breakout groups from the summit provided a total of 40 pages of notes, Driscoll said.

“We got a mix of responses from the summit,” Driscoll said, “capturing things we are doing now and things we can work on for the future.”

One thing mentioned often was branching beyond western Pennsylva­nia, Driscoll said.

And, while the specific input could not be used for the concise document, Driscoll said the information will be put to use.

“There are comments and sugges­tions in the notes that are actionable now,” he said. “They can be used to help with communications or marketing or the strategic plan.”

Making the notes and information available to everyone ensures that it will be used, Driscoll said.

“This is not just going to sit on a shelf and collect dust,” Emily Weber (senior, journalism/English) said.

Now that the compiling of data and drafting is complete for the Strategic Vi­sion Statement, the real work lies ahead Weber said.

Weber was part of the Strategic Vi­sioning Project Team that began in spring 2014 as part of her presentation making course.

The team of students, headed by journalism professor Michele Papakie, conducted over 400 interviews in the Indiana/IUP community. It was the composition of that data that was pre­sented at the Strategic Visioning Sum­mit.

“It already feels like we’re a better university because of the Strategic Vi­sioning Project,” Weber said, “and I’m just happy I got to play a small role in it.”

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