Take 20 minutes to change our community

Today is Election Day. The most important local elections currently going on are for Indiana Borough Council seats. These council members discuss, legislate and act on issues like the town’s reaction to student partying and zoning. We, as students, have a vested interest in not only knowing who is on the council but electing people who will represent us in the scope of the borough.

Get educated on the community members who are running; The Indiana Gazette has a rundown of all the candidates, and to learn about candidates relevant to the Indiana University of Pennsylvania, check out Page 3.

Not every Indiana community member is against IUP students, and if you help vote them in, you can hold them accountable to making sure that your voice is rep­resented through them on the council.

According to numbers found through Taralyn Federoff’s campaign, candidates need about 250 votes to win. In terms of politics, that’s extremely low. You might even have a similar number of people in some of your larger classes.

This means that council members aren’t getting emails from thousands of con­stituents like state or federal politicians, and you can directly talk to them by phone, email or in person to persuade them to speak for what you want in your community.

The beauty of democracy lies in our direct control of local politics, if we choose to exercise it.

Think for yourself, take 20 minutes to read about the candidates and then decide who you want to be your voice on the borough council. This is our opportunity as students to make our voice heard in the community.

If we, the students of IUP, elect members onto the borough council, then we can have our voice directly heard through them. We can have them on our side, fighting for our interests, but only if we choose to take 20 minutes out of our day to put them where they need to be.

A journey is started by a single step, and your vote can be that step to a better future for our community.

So vote tomorrow. And make it count.