IUP art student wins IUP-TV logo contest, helps rebrand station

Taylor Gonzalez (junior, art studio) won the IUPTV logo contest despite not taking any graphic design courses. (Ahmad Abusaad/ The Penn)

IUP-TV, which held a contest last month in which students could submit designs for a new station logo, is reward­ing one student for the product of his creative process.

For some, the creative process may be a tricky thing to pin down. This may be because there is no set recipe for cre­ating a brilliant work.

But whatever the steps were that led to the final product, its creation can be traced back to a single spark: inspiration.

Taylor Gonzales (junior, art studio), the artist who created the winning de­sign in the IUP-TV logo contest, said he didn’t really have an inspiration, but instead “did a lot of sketching” and de­cided that an effective logo had to be simple, memorable, effective, relevant and could be used for the future.

Gonzales said he saw the flyer for the contest, took two hours to sketch out his ideas and used Adobe Illustrator for the final products.

Gonzales also expressed a desire to do more logos for the individual TV shows of IUP-TV if given the opportunity.

According to the contest’s student director, Laura Manganello (junior, communications media), the decision to use one of Gonzales’ logo designs was “unanimous by the executive committee and was everyone’s top favorites.”

“He was really going in the direction we wanted to go toward, something simple, but completely different from our old logo,” Manganello said.

Many of the entries were based on the logo the station already had, but Gonzales came up with an original design that fit a vision in the commit­tee’s heads.

Dr. Steven Kleinman, a communi­cations media professor and executive committee member, was on the board for judging the logo entries.

“We are sitting down with the win­ner on Wednesday to talk about specif­ics on single design,” he said.

Kleinman said the design was “very professional, clean and modern,” something that distinguished it from other entries.

Kleinman said he believes that the new logo by Gonzales will help with the “rebranding” of the station from its “old, played out and outdated look.”

IUP-TV aims to be taken more seriously, and the logo is the first step in doing so.

According to Manganello, more de­sign opportunities are in the works for the individual shows.

Renee Williamson also contributed to writing this article.