À la mode: Weather-appropriate Halloween costumes

Every Halloween comes with the struggle to come up with the perfect costume on a budget. The trick is to look good without dropping big money on pricey pieces. Another huge challenge? The weather.

Short of pulling a “Mean Girls” by throwing on bunny ears with skimpy lingerie and freezing your tail off, there are options to both look good and prevent hypothermia while out on a brisk Halloween night.

You can always fall back on your generic angel, devil, nerd and cowgirl when you’re forced into a last-minute Halloween costume.

Who doesn’t have a white tee or a red skirt?

The true mastery comes from making an inventive costume out of the same old same old in your drawers that keeps every appendage warm.

Both men and women can get away with my personal favorite of a lumberjack or jill. Just dig out your old flannel, warm boots, socks, suspenders and a beanie.

Who could get cold in that?

Rosie the Riveter is a spinoff of the lumberjack that enables warmth no matter the climate. Swap out your beanie for a red and white polka dot handkerchief and your flannel shirt with a chambray one. Don’t forget to roll up your sleeves and slick on some red lipstick.

You could also choose to dress up like a fox and let everyone know what you have to say. Don a pair of brown pants or leggings, a warm brown sweater and fox ears. Bonus points for drawing whiskers on your cheeks.

Jackets are also a key piece of clothing to keep you warm on a chilly Halloween.

That red jacket in your closet that’s been there since last season? Throw it on with black leggings, black boots and black sunglasses. Suddenly the “Pretty Little Liars” have something to fear. Make those leggings Under Armour leggings for added warmth.

Leather jackets are also winners in cool weather.

Women can go as Sandy from “Grease” with black leggings, tucked in black shirt, black leather jacket, red heels and, of course, her signature red lips.

Men can be Danny with black jeans, black T-shirt and black leather jacket. Just make sure you get that ducktail right.

Heavy coats are also an essential piece for any group wishing to go as the “South Park” gang.

But what if it’s raining? No problem. Go as the Morton Salt girl. All you need is a yellow dress, white leggings, Mary Jane flats and a white umbrella.

Mary Poppins also carries around an umbrella. Just add a black skirt, white blouse, red belt and bow tie and top it off with a black pork pie hat.

Know all those harem pants that are were all the rage last season? Don’t throw them out just yet. Pair it with those crop tops that all the girls are wearing at the bar for an “I Dream of Genie” look.

For the men, try something culturally relevant like dressing up as Justin Timberlake with his “Suit & Tie.” Grab your best tuxedo tee, black jacket and top it off with a fedora.

Another costume that allows for flannel and warm boots: the unhappy camper. Make sure to rub some dirt on your face and get your clothes all wrinkled and messy. Just add a scowl to complete the look.

If you’re planning on hitting the town with your best friend, grab some scrubs and be Cristina and Meredith from “Grey’s Anatomy,” J.D. and Turk from “Scrubs” or just a couple of people who enjoy wearing scrubs in public places.

Your posse could also go as minions. Don a yellow hoodie, jean overalls, silver swim goggles and a smile. Carry a banana around for added effect.

For further inspiration, Pinterest and the rest of the Internet are always good options where you can find different versions of your favorite costume and tailor it to your liking.