Out of Bounds: You can’t sit with us, Tim Tebow

With the NFL nearing the halfway point in its season, the divide between playoff contenders and teams working towards a high draft pick is becoming more evident.

However, the NFL is a business, and a billion dollar business at that. Owners are constantly trying to find ways to increase revenue, which is chal­lenging when a team is just plain awful to watch.

So how could a team like the winless Jaguars increase revenue, sell jerseys and gain some notoriety to the small market of Jacksonville?

Sign Tim Tebow.

The Jaguars have passed on acquir­ing Tebow many times already, includ­ing before this season, opting instead to hand the quarterbacking reigns to Blaine Gabbert. Gabbert responded by throwing five interceptions, no touch­downs and leading the Jaguars to no offensive touchdowns through the first two weeks of the season before hurting his hamstring in Week 3.

I understand Tebow is not the great­est quarterback on the planet, but his career record as a starter is 9-7, a record which would qualify a team for the playoffs in most years. That fact alone should warrant interest from the Jaguars, who obviously have no real answer at quarterback for this season or in the future.

To give Tebow a chance with the Jaguars, who have a good chance at finishing the season winless, would be good for a team in need of some hope and a competent quarterback option.

Not to mention,Tebow is from northern Florida and was a two-time national champion with the Florida Gators with a Heisman Trophy in his back pocket. At the very least, Tebow’s No. 15 jerseys would fly off the shelves in Jacksonville, who might even find themselves on a national television with Tebow as a starter.

Literally, there is no way the Jaguars could be any worse with Tim Tebow as their starting quarterback.

Sure, through the equivalency of one season under center, Tebow has passed for just 2,422 yards. In comparison through only seven games this season, Peyton Manning has gone above and beyond that mark, throwing for 2,565 yards in the pass-happy NFL of today.

Tebow’s skill set might not fit what teams are trying to do these days, but he is still a good football player and a good coach should be able to find a way to get him on the field.

Bill Belichick tried the “Tebow Experiment” and signed him to the New England Patriots to backup star quarterback Tom Brady last summer. But after a lackluster preseason, he was released.

If a coach widely regarded as one of the best in the game and who some may say is a genius cannot find a place for Tebow on his roster, who can?

Week 7 was especially brutal to some teams in terms of the injury bug. The Chicago Bears, Philadelphia Eagles and St. Louis Rams all had their quarter­backs injured Sunday.

For the Eagles, Michael Vick is expected to start this Sunday after miss­ing the last two games with a hamstring injury. This comes after backup Nick Foles suffered a concussion last Sunday.

The Bears and Rams both lost their starting quarterbacks for significant por­tions of time, as Chicago starter Jay Cutler is out a month with a groin injury and St. Louis’s Sam Bradford is done for the year after tearing his ante­rior cruciate ligament, ACL.

Chicago, a team still very much alive to win the NFC North or secure a wildcard spot, is rolling with backup Josh McCown.

As a Bears fan, I would more than welcome “Tebow-mania” to Chicago as he’s just as good as and if not better than McCown.

Remember when Tebow led all those comeback victories late in the season when he played for Denver in 2011? One of those was against the Bears. He can be effective if given the chances, and his best chance would be in Chicago.

The Rams made news this week by going out and signing Brady Quinn to backup Kellen Clemens, who is set to start for St. Louis.

Both quarterbacks are good backups, but neither can bring the flare or locker room persona that Tebow can.

It’s okay that teams do not want to sign Tebow because he is not the best option as a starting quarterback. But when you look at the rosters around the league, it’s insane to say he is not bet­ter than some second- and third-string quarterbacks.

The main reason, sadly, that teams will not sign Tebow is because of the media attention he brings, partly because of his outspoken Christian views.

In short, an NFL team should give Tim Tebow a chance. His overall body of work is on par with some of the start­ing quarterbacks in the league, and he brings a winning mentality.

An NFL team much worse at starting quarterback.