Drink Indiana

While I wouldn’t exactly compare it to the Prohibition, my summer was definitely a near-dry one.

Being a member of a repertory theater company that required me to be up early every morning except for Mondays (our one day off) meant that there was only one night a week where drinking wasn’t a terrible idea.

For an of-age college student who enjoys the sensation of being tipsy, this restriction made for a rough time.

Summer is usually when watching the pink-and-orange-tinged sunset isn’t complete without a cool beverage with an alcohol content of at least 5 percent, when barbecues aren’t BBQs unless you’re drinking beer between burgers.

This year, it was just a hot, humid hellhole.

All summer long, I yearned for the ability to enjoy a cold six pack of Redd’s Apple Ale on a Friday night.

But, much like the last five minutes of the 2009 romantic-comedy classic “(500) Days of Summer,” summer is out and autumn is in.

And for those of you who are new to Indiana County and have, for some reason, chosen to ignore all published and unpublished accounts of Indiana University of Pennsylvania’s student social scene, autumn means that the alcoholic dry spell is over.

With the fall semester come students, and with students, come parties and with parties, comes alcohol.

But that’s not to say that I actually go to parties or even drink a lot during the school year.

Regardless of my party-frequenting, the school year is definitely a more alcohol-friendly time.

This is, perhaps, because the school year is typically stressful and, according to Kathleen T. Brady, M.D., Ph.D., stress frequently leads to drinking.

Reasoning aside, the time for regular consumption is here, and chances are, the majority of the student body is just as ready as I am.

So for those of you who appreciate alcohol for more than its side effects, pay close attention to this column in the future. Cheers.