Athletic training thrives at IUP

The athletic training program at Indiana University of Pennsylvania provides students with the opportunities to gain experience working in the field with the IUPathletic trainers.

According to Jessica Baum, an athletic trainer at IUP, during the fall semester of their sophomore year, students begin applying to the athletic training program and are required to take the class “Assessment of Orthopedic Injuries.”

After completion of this class and the pre-requisites, they must apply by Dec. 1 of their sophomore year. After they are accepted into the program, students will continue their coursework and participate in clinical rotations.

While at IUP, students must complete four clinical rotations, gaining experience in collegiate settings, physicians’ offices, physical therapy clinics and high schools.

Baum said the students enrolled in the athletic training program become a part of the staff and are required to work a certain number of hours in the clinical setting.

“They begin to apply the
knowledge they are learning in the classroom in the clinical setting under the supervision of one of the certified athletictrianers,” Baum said.

The certified athletic trainers at IUP are Baum, Rob Baron and Frank Trenney. The professors who teach the coursework in the athletic training education program are Ron Trenney, Jose Rivera and JimRacchini.

According to Baum, usually there is only one athletic trainer at a game, but the students are able to travel with the trainer. The three athletic trainers work with different sports. Out of the 19 varsity sports at IUP, Baum works with eight teams, Baron works with seven and Trenneyworks with two.

After graduating with a degree in athletic training, students become eligible to sit for the Board of Certification Exam. Students will become certified athletic trainers after passing the BOC exam.

“In most states you must be certified to call yourself and practice as an athletic trainer,” Baum said. “Also, many states are now requiring licensure.”

Certified athletic trainers create strength and rehabilitation programs as well as respond to  on-field injuries and emergency situations, as well as perform orthopedic evaluations to assess injuries.