Club sports offer a variety of sport-centered options for IUP students

For students who play or just enjoy sports, IUP has many options in the form of club sports.

The Boxing Club is open to both males and females. It’s not necessary to have experience, but it is always a plus. This week is the last week they will be accepting new members, but if students missed this semester’s chance to join, the club will be active during the spring as well. They practice five days a week and events are held on weekends, sometimes lasting for a couple days depending on if the boxer is eliminated or not.

“Our club has an extremely successful history,” boxing club president JohnZemrose said. “In the past five years, we have produced multiple National Collegiate Boxing Association All-Americans, Collegiate Regional Tournament champions, Collegiate National Tournament qualifiers, a collegiate National Champion, and Golden Gloves Tournament Champions. Our club is second to none.

“I don’t think that students that come in to our gym realize what they actually have nestled away in the hills of Indiana.”

The Tennis Club invites both men and women from beginner to experienced levels to join. The club offers students the chance to join practices at any time throughout the semester, although the fall semester is their main season. Practices are three times a week.

There are no requirements to join the Fencing Club. If it’s something that you are interested in, they will teach students everything they need to know.  Students can choose to join in the fall or spring semester.  They practice three to four times a week, and most of the tournaments are on weekends, but there is occasionally one during the week.

“We’ve had several of our members over the years earn nationally recognized skill ratings as well as had several of our members win a few medals at various tournaments,” President Tim Debor said. “The highest rating ever earned by an IUPtrained fencer was a B-rating.”

In the past four years, the Men’s Rugby Club team has won their Division 2 conference at least twice. They advanced to the Midwest Playoffs in Ohio, where they lost in the first two matches of the playoffs due to a contradiction with a referee. The team is still fiercely proud of these accomplishments. The team doesn’t have tryouts, and anyone who is thinking of playing must pay dues each semester. They must also be registered with USA Rugby for insurance and have general health insurance. Players may join the club year round.  The fall schedule begins the first weekend of the fall semester and concludes in early November.

The Men’s Soccer Club has joined a competitive league for the first time in many years.  It is quite an accomplishment for them because they have the ability to compete at a regional and national level. The season has already started, but they play in the fall and spring semesters. The fall semester consists of league games and the conference tournament, while the spring semester has a spring tournament and training for next semester takes place.

The team has requirements to join, including requiring students to maintain the required GPA and being committed to the team. That includes being able to pay dues for jerseys, traveling, referee fees, and attending practices three times a week.  Games are generally only on Sundays and all players are required to show.

Rifle Team has a club team and a traveling team.  Students do not have to try out for the club, but are required to for the traveling team. Last year, the traveling team went to Fort Benning, Ga., to compete against other teams from across the country.  They compete in both semesters.  The spring semester is when sectionals and invitationals are.  Practices are Tuesday and Wednesday nights, and matches are usually on weekends.

The spring semester is more serious in Ultimate Frisbee than the fall. It is offered to both men and women, and no tryouts or experience are needed. They practice skills two days a week, run a conditioning practice on Wednesdays and play pickup on Sunday.  The tournaments are normally on weekends and they have the opportunity to travel to Niagara Falls this year. Last year, all three teams were sent to regionals.

The Women’s Ice Hockey Team is holding practices beginning this week.  They don’t require experience and there are no tryouts; they only ask that everyone puts forth a serious effort. Practices are held twice a week on the ice and they also have a practice on the dry lands to do some conditioning off the ice. Games are held until February on weekends. The team helps with the Ice Minks, a local girl’s ice hockey league, by teaching girls to skate.

The Women’s Rugby Team had an undefeated season last fall. They are a self-run team, which means there is no coach. With the captains and officers that run the program, they have been to playoffs the past two years, coming in third place in their league. It is too late to join this semester, but students can still join for the spring semester. Everyone is required to have a mouth guard and cleats and must pay dues.  The team practices five days a week and has games on Saturdays.  No experience is required.

“Rugby is a complicated sport and it takes a while to get a hold of it, but once you learn it, you’ll love it,” President Katherine King said.

IUP’s other sport clubs are Cycling Club, Equestrian Team, Men’s Ice Hockey, Martial Arts, Men’s Lacrosse, Men’s Volleyball, Paintball Club, Swim Club, Women’s Soccer Team and Wrestling Club.